You’ve arrived at the online presence of Shaun Stafford, alternative history novelist, who also dabbles in transgressive fiction and science fiction. Here, you can discover his novels, and cast a critical eye over his blog.

Brief Bio

Shaun began writing in his early teens, but he wrote his first full length novel, “die Stunde X”, when he was 24. It was published in 1995. He followed this up with the horror love story, “For the Love of the Devil” in 1999, and the transgressive thriller, “The Journal” in 2001. He has written 16 novels and one collection of short stories.

Shaun also writes articles for a handful of online magazines, though he does this under one of his many pen names.

Shaun lives in Peterborough, in the UK.

His latest book, the detective novel “Genesis”, is now available in paperback, hardback and on Kindle.