Cover by Olly Hibble

The genesis of a new character, a detective chief inspector called Woods (my late mother’s maiden name), a man with a forthright way of dealing with suspects and colleagues alike. Woods is religious, though he is a lapsed Catholic, and is not averse to quoting verses from the Bible, if only to sometimes discombobulate those he’s speaking with. He calls his detective sergeant Sarge, and he asks her questions to which he already knows the answers, perhaps just to test her capability.

“Genesis”, the novel, sees Woods returning to work after a two-year sabbatical (he was off sick with PTSD), and he’s thrown straight into an intriguing case, where a four-year-old girl, Kayleigh, has apparently been abducted from her bedroom one evening. Of course, Woods thinks she’s already dead, but he will stop at nothing to uncover the truth. His brash interview techniques leave many people offended, but that doesn’t stop him tenaciously seeking out the lies that the parents, and their neighbours, seem to be telling him.

So, there we have it. Six weeks to write the first draft, countless redrafts, a delayed launch (was supposed to be out on the 30 January 2022, to commemorate the anniversary of my mum’s death, but Covid put me out of action for a few weeks), a superb cover by artist Olly Hibble, and 110,000 words of my best prose. Was I overindulgent? Did I write too much (as I did when I wrote my novel “Besotted” – though that was 150,000 words)? Is my lead character charmingly likeable, or hideously dislikeable? I will never know, unless someone tells me.

All I do know is that I’m going to complete a second novel featuring DCI Woods.

You can purchase “Genesis” here in paperback, hardback and, of course, Kindle formats. And if you fancy winning a copy, check out the competition on this website.

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