Maggie’s Children

Well, the first draft of “Maggie’s Children” is finished.  This here is the first version of the cover.  The book has taken me about 4 months to complete, but there’s still a long way to go.  It’ll go through second and third drafts and then it’ll get proof-read.  As it is, it’s not ready.

I wrote it with a pen in some Moleskine notebooks – two of them, in fact. 230 pages, 90,000 words. Writing longhand is a very honest way of writing.  Plus it’s easier than lugging a laptop around.  I found that I just threw sentences down onto the paper, and I’ll decide at the second draft stage whether they’re worth keeping.  I really want to know what people will make of this novel.  It’s a strange one, stranger even than “Besotted”.

Here’s what’s going to be difficult – writing the blurb for the back cover.  What can I write without giving too much away?  Well, the book is about a man called Saul Castle.  We meet him when he’s in his forties, is an alcoholic, and is just about to attend the funeral of a friend.  It seems as though Saul Castle’s life has been dotted with tragedies.

This book didn’t affect me the way “Besotted” did.  Of course, I used some events of my life to pad this story out – what writer doesn’t – but I didn’t have to become Saul Castle in order to write it.  In that respect, it was moderately easy to complete.  But the next huge step is the most difficult one – letting people read it.

It should be ready around September time, so keep watching this space.

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